Top 5 Souvenirs for Any Trip

Top 5 Souvenirs for Any Trip!

By Jenny West

Have you ever pondered the best way to commemorate a trip? I’ve often wondered if that [key chain/shot glass/pack of cards, insert random impractical item here] is really the best souvenir for my life. I certainly don’t use a shot glass so often that I need 25 of them. If I put every key chain I’ve purchased on my keys, janitors would make fun of me. And those packs of cards are all fun and games until I try to combine them with other decks for Spite and Malice, as travel decks are usually a different size from regular playing cards. Many of these end up not being practical for my life and get stored in a souvenir box in my shameful hoarder closet.

So today I’ve scoped out 5 of the best souvenirs. Whether the souvenir is for you or a loved one, these are sure to be loved for years to come (and not put in a souvenir box in your closet).

1. Postcards

The first two greatest things about postcards is that they’re small and inexpensive. After that, you could even mail them home to yourself. That way you have a fun treat when you get home. From there, you can put your favorites in frames or shadow boxes with photos of you in that place.

2. Magnets

Similar to postcards, magnets are small. You don’t have to spend three minutes wrapping them up in your socks to be sure they make it home in one piece. They tend to be expensive for what they are, depending on where you buy them, but I’ve always been able to find reasonably priced options. Then back at home you can hang that grocery list with your Bear Crossing - Vancouver magnet and smile at a fun memory.

3. Mugs/Homeware

This type of souvenir is for those of you who prefer the items you buy to have a practical purpose, which I get. If you need a cheese knife, why not have a fun one? You will spend a little bit more and fret a little more about securing these, but you’ll likely have these fun trip reminders for years to come. And who wouldn’t smile seeing Mickey Mouse while making your morning coffee? Or the Eiffel Tower on your corkscrew while opening wine? I personally love hanging my travel ornaments every Christmas.

4. Pins

This type won’t be for everyone, but trust me it’s a good one. It may be a little more on the expensive side, especially at Disney, but completely worth it when you find that one character you absolutely love. They’re great for jazzing up a blazer for work or decorating your stocking, or using as a push pin on your cork board. Possibilities are endless. Again these are pretty small so you have the benefit of not worrying about how to pack it.

5. Accessories/Apparel

This is another practical, everyday type of souvenir, especially for those trying minimalism. If you’re traveling during colder months, maybe a sweater from that trip to France. And it doesn't need to be those tourist sweaters. Maybe that’s the trip you find a really nice knit sweater. Or a scarf or a new hat. For summer trips, this could go the other way. Maybe you find a wonderful beach bag, or a swim cover, or fun sunglasses. Then you can take memories from one trip with you— on another trip!

I hope you guys enjoyed this list. Let us all know: What’s your go-to travel souvenir? Do you always collect something specific from your travels?

Happy traveling everyone!

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