2015 Travel Plans

    While we’re far from packing our suitcases and begging someone to give us a ride to the airport, Jessica and I have made a few preliminary decisions regarding our travel plans for this year. 2015 going to be a fantastic year for the two of us, both in terms of travel and our day-to-day lives. For those who don’t yet know, Jessica and I are tying the knot in June, so we of course saved the best decision for first and decided where we were going on our honeymoon almost as soon as we got engaged. Flower arrangements and table runner colors are all well and good in their own way, but even “the dress” came second to the ever present pull of planning our next trip. This being our honeymoon, we knew it had to be a big one, so we’re pulling out all the stops! 

    Before I go on talking about our honeymoon, let’s take a step back and talk about the next couple months. First, Jessica and I are taking a day trip with her best friend Sarah to a local ski resort in Indiana called Perfect North. This probably would’t amount to much if it weren’t for the fact that none of us have ever been skiing before. I see the draw of it…grown people racing down the side of a cold, steep mountain with nothing but a two by four strapped to either foot…sounds like a ball! But, I must say I’m a sucker for anything that involves the chance of me making a fool out of myself. 

My beautiful mom and me.

    Following our frolics in the snow, I will be soaking the sun on a cruise in the Caribbean with my lovely mom, Benita. When my two older brothers graduated high school, part of their graduation gift was a cruise with our mom. I, being the rebel that I was, dropped out of high school early in my junior year (another blog post, another day), and never got to experience the pride in embarking on a well earned journey for my accomplishments in the field of academia. Instead, I get to go on a cruise for no other reason than my mother loves me! I’ve never been on a cruise before, but I can’t think of a better way for my mom and I to spend some time together before she gives me away to my lovely new wife. 

    Speaking of my beautiful wife-to-be, that brings me to my next travel endeavor; our honeymoon! And what a honeymoon it’s shaping up to be! We’re starting off our journey by flying to the most romantic city in the world, Paris. After that four or five day escapade (plus one day in Disneyland Paris), we’ll be heading south to the Alps of southern France and possibly sections of Switzerland before heading further south once again into Italy. 

Fabrizio and me in Epcot when we went in 2011.

    One of the greatest joys I had growing up was my families involvement in the Foreign Exchange Student program. Throughout my childhood and early teens my family played host to seven students from all over the world including Brazil, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. While Jessica and I make our way through Italy, we have the wonderful fortune of meeting with my foreign exchange student from Milan, Fabrizio. He’ll be taking the time to show us his favorite places in and around Milan, giving us a tour through the eyes of a local. 

    After our time in Italy, we will be packing our things to fly back to the States….however, we’ll be making one last stop before touching down in Indianapolis. Any guesses where? I’ll give you a hint….it’s the most magical place on earth and it’s inhabited by everyone’s favorite mouse…you guessed it; Walt Disney World! What honeymoon would be complete without spending at least a little time in Orlando with the world’s greatest anthropomorphic mouse? 

    Even though it won’t be easy landing back in Indianapolis to our everyday lives after such an amazing trip, it will be made considerably easier by the fact that we will soon be back in Europe! Over Christmas and New Year’s, we will once again be taking the long plane ride over seas, this time landing in the home of fish and chips and the Beefeaters: London! My entire family will be celebrating the holidays with a little extra class this year along side our brethren in one of the greatest cities on earth! After the holidays, Jessica and I will be taking a little extra time (I mean…we’re already in Europe so…we may as well…) and traveling north to visit Scotland and then over to Jessica’s ancestral home of Ireland. I’ve always considered myself to be an honorary Irishman. Something in me has always felt as if I’ve belonged there, like some ancient ancestor was a great Irish royalty and it is my birthright to visit the Green Isle. A pipe dream? Maybe. Nevertheless, it’s how I feel! 

    So add this incredible year of travels to us getting married, buying our first home, and a slew of other fun adventures we’re sure to embark on and 2015 is shaping up to be the best year on record for the both of us! I’m the luckiest man alive to have such a wonderful companion to share these adventures and my life. I hope you’ll follow along on our journeys with social media and on my YouTube channel! It’s sure to be one heck of a ride! 

    Be kind to each other,