About me


Well hello! My name is Tyler Braun and this, as you most likely have discerned by this point, this is my website. I have always had a huge passion for travel and I love spending all the free time I can exploring the world around me. I have a beautiful wife, Jessica, who is my best friend and travel companion. We have a well-traveled one year old girl named Genevieve (Gigi), and a spoiled beagle named Pinocchio. I've always loved traveling and in October 2014 I decided that it’s what I want to do with my life. I started a travel channel on YouTube devoted to it, and almost two years later, in Spring 2016, I started the People Mover Travel Agency, which is dedicated to selling vacations to Europe, Disney Parks and Cruises.


Since I was creating this website, I decided I also wanted to spend time on a few other things that I love; food & photography. I have a few favorite recipes and I occasionally snap a picture or two that I think turn out quite nicely! I hope to share some of what makes me happy, and hey, maybe you’ll learn a trick or two along the way!

I hope you enjoy my little corner of the internet!